Filling Your Prescription Medications Effectively and Conveniently

Filling Your Prescription Medications Effectively and Conveniently

Specialty Pharmacy Fundamentals: How They Can Help You

Janet Phillips

Pharmaceuticals are a highly specialized area of study, and medications must be dosed precisely for safe and effective treatment. However, sometimes patients have special medication needs that traditional pharmaceuticals just can't meet. In those cases, you need specialized medication dosing from a specialty pharmacy, often referred to as compounded medication. Here are some things you should know about compounded medicine from a specialty pharmacy.

Precision Dosing Needs

Unfortunately, sometimes the lowest available dosage of a medication is too much for a specific patient. Whether it's due to interactions with other medications or simply because you don't need as much of the medication as is traditionally dosed, it can be precisely dosed through the use of a specialized pharmacy. When medications are dosed through a specialty pharmacy, they can be adjusted at microgram levels.

Allergy Elimination

For patients with allergies to some of the common products used as fillers in commercial medications, a specialty pharmacy may be necessary to create versions of those medications without the filler or allergen. This makes it safer and easier for you to take the medication that you need without worry about the dangerous allergic reactions.

Changing Medication Format

Whether due to a medical condition or a health issue, some patients have a hard time swallowing pills of various forms. As a result, liquid-based medications are often preferred. If you are struggling with swallowing pills and need to take a new medication, you can work with your doctor to have the prescription sent to a specialty pharmacy to turn it into a liquid medication. 

Combining Medications

If you are treating a complex condition that requires multiple medications throughout the day, you may find that taking all of those pills daily can be a struggle. If you work with a specialty pharmacy, you can have some of your medications combined, making it far easier for you to take the medications that you need on a daily basis.

Modifying Medications For Children

Another common reason why patients seek the services of a specialty pharmacy is to get medications altered for children. Whether it's to flavor a liquid medication or to turn something into an easy-to-dose medication, specialty pharmacies can make medications that are easier for your child to take. 

These are a few of the many reasons why you might want to seek out a specialty pharmacy for you or your family. They offer many different services to meet your specialized health care needs.


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Filling Your Prescription Medications Effectively and Conveniently

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