Filling Your Prescription Medications Effectively and Conveniently

Filling Your Prescription Medications Effectively and Conveniently

Five Inexpensive Ways to Turn Your Bathroom into a Luxurious Day Spa

Janet Phillips

If you love visiting a day spa but find the experience to be too cost prohibitive to go very often, then you will be pleased to learn there are inexpensive ways to give your home's bathroom more of a spa feel. Each of the five suggestions below will make you want to stay home and enjoy your own spa space over going to a professional spa.

1. Introduce the Natural World into the Bathroom's Decor

You may not have noticed, but professional day spas always have elements of the natural world in their decorating scheme. You can quickly soften the look and feel in your own bathroom by adding plants, pieces of driftwood, rocks, or seashells.

2. Plug In a Nightlight with a Soft Pastel Colored Lightbulb

It's hard to relax and feel like you are in a luxury spa with the harsh overhead lights in your bathroom turned on. While candles will give off some light, they really don't put out enough light to safely maneuver around.

To add some relaxing light, plug in a nightlight or two that has a soft pastel colored lightbulb. The colored light and natural elements will combine to give you a lot of visual relaxation.

3. Put a Bluetooth Speaker in Your Bathroom

Playing some relaxing music while you soak in your bathtub will also give your home's bathroom that day-spa feel you seek. If you don't have any mellow music, you can always stream some on a free internet streaming site. 

If you use your phone with the speaker, make sure you keep both well away from anywhere they could get wet and damaged.

4. Drop a CBD Bath Bomb into a Bathtub Full of Hot Water

Before you climb into your bathtub for a soak, first make sure you put in a full tub's worth. While it is admirable to want to save water, your spa day is the one time you should indulge. Before you climb in the tub, drop in a CBD bath bomb. Don't worry, although CBD (also known as Cannabidiol) comes from the cannabis plant, it doesn't make you high or make you fail a drug test. Instead, it makes you feel very relaxed and lessens any muscle or joint pains you are experiencing. 

5: Burn Some High-Quality Candles with Relaxing Scents

Now that your other senses are feeling relaxed, it's time for one last great way to turn your home's bathroom into a space that rivals your favorite expensive day spa—burning some high-quality candles. Candles give off a unique light that's naturally relaxing and when they are high-quality, they smell wonderful. Rather than ruining the mood with some cheap candles, buy some higher-end ones with a calming scent such as chamomile, vanilla, or lavender.


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